Hi Everyone!

I wanted to throw up a quick video talking about receptacle testers.  As a home inspector, part of my job is to make sure that all the receptacles in your house are hooked up properly and don’t pose any electrical concerns for you or your family.  I’m able to do that by using receptacle testers.  There are three lights on the tester and when I plug it into an outlet it will tell me if the “hot” “neutral” and “equipment grounds” are all hooked up in the correct location on the receptacles.  Issues like reverse polarity are very dangerous problems and by using my receptacle testers during an inspection, I’m able to identify these issues.  If you want a home inspector that’s at the top of the game, call T.J. Thorne and Howdy Home Inspections today!  You’ll be SHOCKED how awesome we are…  HaHa pun intended 🙂