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11-Month Warranty Inspection

So, you bought a new house and the one year anniversary of owning your home is quickly approaching.   Now is the time to schedule an 11- Month Warranty Inspection with Charlotte’s #1 Home Inspection Company, Howdy Home Inspections. Stop waiting around hoping for problems to show up before your 12-month anniversary. Call Howdy Home Inspections today and let us find those problems before it’s too late.

Being proactive will insure that all those hidden structural issues and mechanical defects don’t pop up once your warranty has expired. Make sure the builder foots the bill for those repairs, not you! If we find $2000 worth of repairs, think about how many tacos you could buy with those savings.

Howdy Home Inspection’s 11- Month Warranty Inspection will give you confidence knowing all systems of your home are functioning properly. We go through your house and re-check the electrical and plumbing systems. We inspect the structure of your home including the foundation, crawlspace and attic. We check the HVAC system, Roof, Insulation & Ventilation, Appliances, etc.

Once we finish our inspection, we will provide you with an in-depth report that includes photos and explanations of all the issues we identified. This report can be used to hold your builder responsible for the warranty they provided.

All 11-Month Warranty Inspections are performed in accordance to either the North Carolina or South Carolina Standards of Practice, depending on the location of your home. Our inspectors are all licensed and certified Charlotte Home Inspectors who strive to ensure that our clients dream house is everything they dreamed it would be.   Don’t wait any longer.  You don’t want the 1 year anniversary in your new home to arrive without having called Howdy Home Inspections.  Call T.J. Thorne today at 704-756-0250 to schedule your 11- Month Warranty Inspection.

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