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I just had four shots of espresso, so I think I’m ready to do a little talking.  For anyone wondering, yes it was my wife’s famous Cuban Coffee I just sent down the ‘ole gullet.  Lets talk about Pre-Listing Home Inspections.  Summer’s approaching and the housing market is heating up.  If you’re interested in selling your house, now’s the time to do it.  And if you’re going to sell you house, are you going to get it pre-inspected?
What is a pre-listing inspection and why should you have it done?  A pre-listing inspection is when the seller of a home hires a home inspector to inspect their home BEFORE they put it on the market.  This type of inspection is becoming more and more popular for many reasons.  In this blog post, I’d like to talk about those reasons.
The main reasons people choose Howdy Home Inspections to do their pre-listing inspection is to reduce the chances their sale falling through because of issues found with the house.  Hiring a home inspector before you list your house allows you the opportunity to uncover and repair issues before the buyer finds them.   By hiring the home inspector before selling their home allows the seller to print multiple copies of their report and distribute them to prospective buyers.  Nothing is more encouraging than falling in love with a home and then finding out that the home is worth falling in love with.  A pre-listing inspection lets the buyer know that all the issues found have been fixed prior to them making an offer.  Below I think I’ll just bullet point a few advantages of doing a pre-listing inspection.

•    The seller can schedule the inspection at their convenience instead of when the buyers says it needs to be done.
•    It can give the buyers a heads up to immediate concerns, such as active termites, leaking water pipes and elevated radon levels.
•    Inspection findings can help the seller price their properly more accurately based on the true condition of the home.
•    Can reduce problems during the buyers Due-Diligence as fewer items will be uncovered during any new inspections.
•    Can allow the seller to more accurately disclose statements in their NC Property Disclosure Statement.  This reduces liability.
•    Finding problems prior to the Due Diligence Period allows the seller enough time to find the most competitive price to make the repairs.   This is not a luxury often found when fighting the Due Diligence clock.
•    Pre-Inspection reports may encourage buyers to waive future inspections.

So these are just a few advantages of performing a pre-listing inspection.   If you’re thinking about selling your home, think about having a home inspection done prior to your listing.  You might be surprised how much smoother your transaction goes when you know about problems before you list your house.

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